Application to Activate Your Membership

Activation of your Temple Membership includes:

  • Access to the Lifeforce Message Board as a Dayside Member.
  • Access to the CABAL information service to enable in-person meetings with other active members worldwide.
  • Access to the Mentor Program for personal advice on mastering the Six Dayside Secrets from advanced members.
  • Access to the most current pdf copy of the Tome of Dayside Mastery to guide you step by step through the Six Dayside Secrets.
  • The option to apply for advanced Nightside Titles and the deeper information found in the Lifeforce Message Board Graded Circles.

You must already be subscribed to Basic Membership and be at least 18 years old before you can apply to activate your membership.

A copy of photographic identification to verify your identity and age will also need to be sent to the Temple for your subscription to be activated. A valid ID must be duly issued by a government agency and include a photo and a signature. You may mail this to the Temple at this address:

Box 3582
Lacey, WA 98509 USA

Be advised that sending a scanned attachment or digital picture by email will not be secure while in transit though you are welcome to do so if you prefer. Also cell phone pictures of the ID may be text messaged to

Membership fees are not prorated or refundable. By subscribing to Activated Temple Membership you promise to refrain from criminal activity, physical blood drinking, and discussing the Temple with the public.

If a current active Temple member will personally vouch for you to us then this fee can be waived for you.