Membership Requires Subscription

Basic Temple Membership is open to anyone of any age who wishes to become a member of the Temple but does not want or need to communicate with other members at this time. This is especially well suited for those who wish to study the Temple Teachings at their own pace.

Subscription to Basic Temple Membership includes:

  • Membership discounts for Temple literature, audio programs, and jewelry.
  • Continuing recognition as a Solitary Practitioner of the Vampire religion.

Subscription to Temple Membership is required before applying to activate your membership.

By subscribing as a Basic Temple Member you promise to refrain from criminal activity, physical blood drinking, and discussing the Temple with the public.

Instant Membership.
Order Here and then Click On
“Return to Merchant” to start your subscription.

Those who prefer to pay by mail can send their subscription fee to:

Box 3582
Lacey, WA 98509 USA

(Only cash or US dollar money orders from the US or Canada are accepted.)