Our Mission

The Vampire is the next step in human evolution. If you are ready, the Temple is here to empower you.

We believe the value of the individual is superior to that of any group or tribe or nation. In everything we do, we believe in challenging anything opposing individual freedom.

The way we do this is by empowering individuals to achieve independent control over their lives through wealth, health, personal power, and unlimited life extension. We created a worldwide organization with proven methods for making this possible. For more than twenty five years we have been active doing so.

The Temple embraces only those aspects of the Vampire mythos that include a love and respect for all life, physical immortality, individual elegance, proven wisdom, civilized behavior, worldly success, and personal happiness. The Temple rejects those aspects of the Vampire mythos that are negative including any that are anti-life, anti-social, deathist, crude, gory, self-defeating, or criminal.

This website offers a general overview of the Temple, the only public institution in the world that represents the Vampire religion.