Advanced Dragon Magic – the 9th Gate
Flowing and Choosing – Dragon Communion

A Recorded Nightside Guided Audio Training

The greatest problem with becoming an effective magician is overcoming the lifetime view that real magic is “impossible.” This program is designed to bypass this problem through the application of a subtle fact to allow the magician to spend just a few minutes during which the magical effects desired actually take place. This is known in the Temple as Dragon Communion, Opening the Eye of the Dragon, and Opening the Ninth Gate. This program is designed to not only explain this practice but to guide you in its direct application. The primary intention of this program is to awaken within you a direct perception of the Flow of the Dragon through your body to transform your sense of what you truly are and to cause your wishes to then directly manifest in your experience.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • Opening the Eye of the Dragon, the Ninth Gate.
  • Directly feeling the Flow of the Dragon through your body.
  • Tapping into increasingly operating from your Dream Body.
  • Enabling a specific time for Magic to Flow into your world.
  • Bypassing beliefs about magic to gain direct results.
  • Simplifying your Dayside in choosing magical goals to realize.

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