Dark Magic
Begin at the End to Find Power

A Recorded Nightside Audio Training Program

The purpose of this program is to offer you a direct path in the use of Dark Magic, a technology to effectively change reality. The practice of Dark Magic is carefully defined and explained with examples offered on its use and how to avoid failure. The four Rules of Dark Magic are also carefully detailed to enable you to deeply understand how to step outside of time to effect change from the future into the present. Detailed examples are also offered to help understand why the masses fail to employ this simple and direct path to producing change in reality. Unlike other approaches to Magic, this program is designed to have you benefit from the end goal of your desire immediately in the present rather than to have to wait until the goal has first been achieved.

The intention of this audio program is to enable you to listen and acquire this understanding so that you may apply this more elegant but powerful approach directly. So this becomes a path of power from the very beginning and acts as an answer to the problem of how to not allow doubts or impatience to interfere with the Working in progress. While this is a stand-alone program that anyone can benefit from, it integrates very well with the Nine Laws of Magic for the advanced practitioner.

An mp3 audio program

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