Mental Penetration to Power

A Recorded Nightside Guided Audio Training

This program is intended to enable you to enter an altered state of consciousness that reflects reality as it is, free of mental illusions. The application of deidentification leads directly to superhuman willpower as is appropriate to a living Vampire. Unlike the struggle that most people associate with willpower, deeply understanding the secrets of identity enables the Vampire to effortlessly expand and apply willpower to any desired objective. This program is designed to not only enable conscious understanding of the formulas involved but to directly program your inner habit mind to produce this power as needed.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • What the Deidentification Process is and how to employ it.
  • Understanding the self-defeating beliefs about willpower.
  • How Deidentification reveals your secret identity as a God.
  • Warning on the misuse of Deidentification as mysticism.
  • Making the use of Deidentification an automatic habit.

An mp3 audio program

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