Exploring the Four Dimensions of Experience
The Map of All Possible Worlds

A Recorded Nightside Guided Audio Training

Come along on a guided journey of direct experience to open your awareness to the Four Dimensions of all Experience. The Nine Laws of Magic rely upon grasping the interaction of the Four Dimensions that create the Map of All Possible Worlds. This program is intended to awaken within you a direct perception of these Four Dimensions. Awakening to these Dimensions can lead to the accelerated development of your magical skills.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • Recognize all Four Dimensions through direct experience.
  • Create a deep shift in your understanding of the Laws of Magic.
  • Take a guided tour of the Map of All Possible Worlds.
  • Integrate the Nine Gates with the Great Pyramid.
  • Understand how to navigate through these Dimensions.
  • Grasp a clear understanding of how magic really works.

An mp3 audio program

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