Mastering Awareness
Waking Up Is Everything

A Recorded Audio Guided Training

The Temple teaches that our everyday state of normal wakefulness is not the highest possible degree of wakeful consciousness available to you. As the father of American psychology William James once wrote: “Our ordinary waking consciousness is but one form of consciousness. All around us lie infinite worlds, separated only by the thinnest veils.” In this program we intend to pierce through some of these veils and to open to your awareness higher, more profound states of wakefulness as different from ordinary waking consciousness as waking is different from deep sleep. Each and every time you enter this more wakeful condition you will tend to discover that your capacity for doing so increases. Not only will you tend to find you can remain more hyper-awake longer but the degree of wakefulness also increases. You will discover that you can achieve higher and higher levels of awareness.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • Increased inner calm and confidence.
  • Increased competence in general.
  • Better personal safety from greater awareness.
  • Better communication with others.
  • Carnal pleasures to deepen and intensify.
  • Greater appreciation of the present moment.
  • Five physical “triggers” to create more awareness.
  • Installing automatic reminders to become more aware.

An mp3 audio program

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