Opening the Dragon’s Eye
Vampiric Self-Realization

A Recorded Nightside Guided Training

Ordinary human beings live like mindless puppets, pulled by the strings of their experiences as they sleepwalk through life. This program is intended to enable you to discover and awaken your Innermost Self, the One we call the Dragon, and thereby directly elevate you above the state of the sleeping masses. The attainment of this perspective, the Awakening of the Dragon, is highest goal of the Vampire, a follower of the Vampire religion. This program is designed to not only explain this perspective but to guide you in its direct experience. The primary intention of this program is to create a direct perception your Innermost Self and to enable the attainment of this experience to become permanent.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • The hidden secret behind the appearance of the world.
  • Discovering how you are not your body, emotions, or mind.
  • Making this new perspective of power an automatic habit.
  • Realizing what you truly are behind your eyes.
  • Awakening your Innermost Self, the Dragon.

An mp3 audio program

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