Push Button Magic
Making Your Dreams Come True

A Recorded Nightside Guided Training

“Push Button Magic” strips away the unnecessary traditions and rituals commonly associated with magic and reveals the central core actions that produce results. Magic is intended to produce real results in the real world that would otherwise be impossible to achieve using normal means. This program is designed to not only explain why this approach can work but leads you step-by-step in doing so. The primary intention of this program is to enable any serious individual to be able to perform magic and get results with nothing more than a pen, some paper, and a push button audio player.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • Offering a stand-alone program to perform effortless magic.
  • Understanding the magical perspective that inverts reality.
  • A step-by-step active program to create real results.
  • Learning when to tell others about magic and when not to.
  • How to make a pact with the Dragon within for success.

An mp3 audio program

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