The Solar Stargate
Gateway to Immortality

A Recorded Audio Guided Training

In all ancient religions and myths the Sun and the Moon were seen as the eyes of a great God. The ancient Egyptians placed their Gods and Goddesses at specific stars in the night sky and the Book of Coming Forth by Day, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, offered a map to follow to pass by Time, the devourer of memories, and thereby attain immortality as a living personality. The path to follow is clearly marked for us by the largest and brightest objects in the heavens, the Moon and the Sun. On page 17 of The Vampire Bible, we are taught that the Lifeforce we take from the humans comes to them through the animals and plants they eat, and that the plants, in turn, derive it from the Sun. However the Temple also explains that the Sun itself is not the ultimate Source of Lifeforce but is only a channel for a Higher Source that remains unnamed.

In this program we intend to develop the practice of leaving the body, rising far above this world, turning toward the face of the Moon, and then going toward and entering into the center of the Sun. The ultimate purpose for this practice is to make direct Contact with the Source of the more refined Lifeforce that comes to each of us when we are successful in our ritual practice of Communion. This is not merely an imaginary practice but is intended to lead you to have the actual experience. There is a secret to be discovered when you near the Center of the Sun and the experience of this secret is almost always a complete surprise when it happens. However even merely imagining this path to the Sun’s interior and then your return to this world can result in an upsurge of energy that can be very tangible for the next Solar day. The overall benefit of this practice is to accelerate the evolutionary changes that naturally occur with the Rain of Mercy in Communion.

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