Deep Restful Sleep
Relax and Restore

An mp3 Audio Program

This program is designed to enable you to directly enter into a deep, relaxing, and refreshing sleep simply by listening. Getting enough properly restful sleep is increasingly recognized as necessary for good health – mental, emotional, and physical. From a Nightside perspective having enough good, restful sleep is critical so that magical work and out of body efforts have a surplus of Lifeforce to enable success.

You can use this program to simply become drowsy enough to be able to first get to sleep, and for that purpose you usually only need to play it once as needed. Or you can simply run the program continuously on “repeat” all night long to entrain your brain to pass though all four phases of natural sleep.

The recording is 18 minutes long and playing it on a “repeat” mode on any mp3 player will cycle through a standard 90 minute sleep cycle with just five repetitions of the program. This program is designed to be self-reinforcing so that each exposure strengthens its effectiveness for producing deep, restful sleep.

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