Lifeforce for Health and Youth
Imprinting Perfection

An mp3 Audio Program

In this program we will connect with your lifetime sources for increased Lifeforce, direct that Lifeforce to flow into your body, and then instruct this influx of Lifeforce to move through all of the cells of your body to work to restore your tissues to optimal and supremely healthy functioning based upon the perfect template of your immortal astral body. The intention of this program is to not merely assist in healing any physical dysfunction but to attain a superhuman level of physical health. As aging is also a dysfunction of a healthy organism this program is also designed with the intent to reverse the effects of physical aging to restore youthfulness.

The overall intent is to allow your body to become a vibrant, strong, and useful vehicle for you to live your life from. This program is NOT intended as a substitute for medical or other professional health care and you are advised on any health issue to seek and follow the advice of your professional health care practitioner. However this program IS intended to be compatible with most any standard medical or health care treatment.

This program makes no claims for the treatment of any disease. You are advised to always consult with your physician and follow your physician’s advice. In essence this program is intended to add to whatever health care practices or treatments you already follow. With that understanding, we will use the power of Lifeforce to assist in building your health up, to strengthen your immune system, and reverse the effects of aging.

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