Lifeforce Mindfulness Meditation
Reprogramming Your Awareness

An Recorded Audio Guided Training

Mindfulness meditation has been receiving increased attention in recent years due to modern medical reseach but the manner in which it is usually being taught might better be described as “mindless” meditation. In this program we will correctly instruct you in the original and superior method of effective mindful meditation that does not turn you into a non-judgmental automaton. Instead this proper instruction promotes increased direct and effortless control over your thoughts, emotions, and body through entering into a special form of awareness. This awareness produces a condition that is timeless. You enter into a focused awareness of the present moment and temporarily release your concerns for the future and past. You become timeless.

Lifeforce is consciousness itself, pure and pristine. Through this special awareness of the Lifeforce of your body, your emotions, and your thoughts you will becoming increasingly calm and aware of its flow even outside of your skin. This practice is also the foundation of Temple Magic but it remains eminently useful as a practical though effortless means to gain increased control over your body, emotions, and thoughts. In this program we will guide you in this practice by helping you maintain this special awareness through verbal prompting. You need only listen and pay attention this program to benefit from the calm that extends longer and longer after each session until you are permanently operating from this higher state of consciousness.

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