More Than Human
The Heart of the Vampire

Look around you. What do you see?
People who feel like slaves and who hate that feeling.

You see people who feel trapped endless hours in boring under-paid jobs doing meaningless work. You see people who feel rushed all the time, racing in heavy traffic, grabbing groceries in crowded stores, tapping their feet waiting in long lines that never seem to move. You see people who are filled with loneliness, unable to find the “right person.” You see people who feel lost, betrayed, angry, filled with despair. You see it in their eyes. You hear it in their voices. Maybe this is true of your life too. You know what I’m talking about.

All this pain, suffering, and frustration is unnecessary. There is a better way. There is a way to rise above the normal human condition and be free of this misery. There is a state of consciousness hidden within you that is superior to all of that, above the human level.

You can become more than human. Here and now. You can tap into the hidden Heart of the Vampire, a state of consciousness that is more than human. Discover this calm and dependable center within you which cannot be touched or affected by anything in your outer experience. Instead of suffering with feelings of fear, worry, sadness, grief or depression, you can step outside of those feelings by entering this calm center. Instead of feeling that life is a struggle, you can release a hidden fountain of confidence, stability, and power that is waiting within.

There is a higher state of consciousness that allows you to live free, beyond the feelings that trouble you now. This latest audio program from the Temple explains why most people are so miserable and shows you how to escape from all that misery yourself. In just 41 minutes you will understand why people are the way they are and you will also be guided on exactly how to leave all of that suffering behind you.

Stop living as a slave and become more than human.

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