Push Button Deep Relaxation
Reversing the Effects of Stress

A Dayside Audio Recorded Guided Training

We commonly hear how stress can be harmful to your physical health and the evidence is quite clear that stress is equally bad for your emotional and mental health as well. The amygdala is the part of the brain that shocks you into the fight or flight response when confronted with danger. A single upset can last for about 36 hours. So this mechanism that evolved to protect your ancestors from a lurking tiger has become generalized to the endless parade of fear promoted daily by media news. Little wonder that chronic stress is an epidemic problem that increasingly harms the health of most modern people. But with this program you will be able to employ an almost forgotten medical discovery that not only rapidly reverses the chemistry of stress but builds up over a six week period into becoming a 24-hour-a-day physical, emotional, and mental shield against stresses of all kinds around you.

When fully experienced this state of induced relaxation is twice as deep as that of stage four sleep. You will also come to discover that in any tense situation you can tap into this immediate calming effect by taking just one or two slow deep breaths. This is especially useful when preparing yourself for some stressful situation. You can use this short term trigger method anytime you need to feel more calm and in control. From the Nightside perspective this program will tend to allow you to seal the astral and prevent the leakage of Lifeforce, permitting a greater accumulation of this vital energy of life for your personal Nightside evolution. So this program offers an answer to reverse the negative effects of both chronic and acute stress with push button ease. You need only sit down, push the start button on your audio player, and just 20 minutes a day is all that is needed.

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