The Fire of the Dragon
Burning Away All Blocks in Your Path

An mp3 Audio Program

On page three of The Vampire Bible we have a single page entitled “The Dragon Speaks.” “The Dragon Speaks” tightly summaries the whole of the Teachings of our Temple. An entire book could be written just based on discussing a few of the ideas and power released by these few words. “The Dragon Speaks” is a blueprint, a set of instructions that can lead you from a life that is troublesome and frustrating into a life that is liberating, joyous, satisfying, and complete.

The Fire of the Dragon is the light of true enlightenment – not a mystical dead end, nor a set of verbal tricks to confuse or confound your mind. To the contrary, the Fire of the Dragon is the power to burn away any and all obstacles between you and the life you have dreamed of living but did not know how to actually experience.

In this program we are going to identify exactly what the Fire of the Dragon is and explain exactly how to apply it to the problems of your life effectively and powerfully. The FIRE of the Dragon can burn away any obstacles in your life that stand between you and your success and happiness. What you will learn is life changing just as soon as you truly understand it and put it into practical use. The purpose of this program is to enable you to do just that.

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