Embracing Lifeforce
A Secret Revealed

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to embrace a critical secret of Lifeforce revealed here for the first time?

For the new Vampire this is a streamlined approach that can jumpstart your Nightside journey.  For the advanced Vampire this insight can swiftly deepen your Nightside control and understanding.

Step By Step

Embracing Lifeforce consists of a series of realizations that build one upon the other.
Experience how true Vampirism is deepened and made effortless with a simple change in perspective.

Feel the static and dynamic flow of Lifeforce and become more aware of how to control it.
Discover how this flow allows your body to relax with more efficiency, grace, and power.

Rise Up

Rise above the physical to a higher plane and Feed upon those who are beneath you.  See through the inhibitions of superstitious mortals who ignorantly reject the power of Vampirism.

Move beyond the limitations of the mortal to embrace not only Lifeforce but your forgotten Heritage as a Vampire.  Empower your body, emotions, and mind, and function as an immortal God, a true Ruler of this world.

You can test and verify all of this whenever you are ready to do so.

Embracing Lifeforce – A Secret Revealed
An mp3 audio program – 38 minutes

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