Experiencing Astral Communion
The Powers of Darkness

The purpose of this program is to offer an advanced and yet simplified means to achieve Communion with the advanced Vampires we refer to as the Undead Gods. These Undead Gods are simply others, like yourself, Who have developed higher Nightside skills such as the out of body experience. To acquire Their level of accomplishment and knowledge is the purpose of Communion.

Communion produces a direct transfer of knowledge and skills, seldom requiring words but is deeply involved with the exchange of Lifeforce energy. This more advanced method to perform Communion meets Them on Their own terms. In other words, to Rise from the physical and Commune with Them on the astral.

This allows for you to directly experience Their Presence as you are then operating as They are, from a higher level of awareness. This program is intended to enable you to do just that by entering dream states that become more real than your normal waking experience. And this approach requires none of the usual tools of ritual. You only need to make yourself comfortable in a quiet place and close your eyes.

An mp3 Audio Recorded Nightside Program – 28 minutes

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