Experiencing Universal Power
The Throne of the Dragon

This guided training offers you direct guidance on how to seal your astral body from losing Lifeforce and will also guide you in achieving an important new perspective of reality that will enable you to experience and validate Universal Power by mounting the Throne of the Dragon.

This recorded audio program is intended to be used not only as a conscious guide for going out into the field and experiencing your immovable Universal Center as a direct perception of your senses, but also can be used later when alone to review your experiences and solidify your gains.

This program is critical for attaining and advancing the higher state of consciousness required for the advanced application of Vampirism, the next step in human evolution.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • Learn what the three causes are for the loss of Lifeforce.
  • Identify and control negative emotions that block you.
  • Discover how to find lasting inner calm in the midst of action.
  • Be guided in the experience of utter Dead Stillness.
  • Experience your Immovable Center as a direct perception.
  • Validate how to attain and use Universal Power.
  • Have an in-the-field reminder as you practice these skills.
  • Review your experiences to make them permanent habits.

An mp3 Audio Recorded Nightside Guided Training

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