Projecting Lifeforce
The Key to Mastery

After Vampirism What?

Yes,  You know how to draw in Lifeforce from human beings but what can you do with it?

Can you use it to influence other people?  Can you use it to conquer bad habits?
Can you use it to actually change the reality around you?

Yes you can.  This program shows you how.

The Magic Formula

Real magic exists.
It is a technology that produces change that most consider “impossible”.

In this program we will reveal for the first time the fundamental formula for creating real magic and then describe and discuss exactly how to use the Lifeforce Breath of Projection to make it happen.

This stand-alone audio program will cover these issues in detail and then offer daily practice situations to use this procedure to directly control your world to influence others, to influence and alter reality.

Only The Essentials

All unnecessary tools and practices are stripped away in this presentation.  Only the absolute essentials required to successfully project Lifeforce into your world to magically change it will be included.

We will not waste your time with silly symbols, waving wands, magic circles, or any of the usual clap trap of ceremonial or traditional magic.  No need for magic words, costumes, or other extraneous paraphernalia.

Just as a hammer does not need decorative ribbons to drive nails into wood, what we will reveal and explain in detail here simply is the essence of what works and explain exactly how to do it.

Projecting Lifeforce – The Key to Mastery
An mp3 audio program – 32 minutes

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