Secrets of Advanced Vampirism
The Breath of Power

You already may know that taking Lifeforce from other people is powerful and real. And you’ve learned how to do this when briefly touching someone, or even just at a glance. (If not, you can click here for the program that teaches how).

This tingling flow of energy brightens your vision, heightens your hearing, clears your mind, and sends a pulse of vitality you can feel throughout your body. But it still takes time. You have to go out and find people to draw from. And while this can be exciting it isn’t always practical or convenient. And you have to keep doing it regularly to achieve the same results.

A Better Way

Now revealed is a better way. A more advanced way to do Lifeforce Vampirism. You no longer have to go out to hunt. This streamlined method lets you tap into the Lifeforce of anyone you have ever had any contact with anywhere, no matter where they are!

Multiply The Power

Additionally this advanced procedure lets you draw upon Lifeforce from more than just one person at a time. Instead you can increasingly pull energy from multiple sources all at once. The key to doing this form of advanced Vampirism is the Breath of Power.

This is an easy to do, three step method. Adding a simple mental intention activates the lines of force that you have already created connecting you to hundreds and even thousands of people. Instead of performing basic Vampirism with just one person at a time imagine the increased power that will flow to you when you tap into dozens and hundreds of other people immediately!

Step By Step Instructions

This latest program will fully instruct you in how to do the Breath of Power step by step. We will also discuss how this procedure has been badly imitated by the uninitiated in religious pilgrimages and ceremonial processionals for thousands of years.

Now you can perform the Breath of Power whether with others or alone, and draw upon all those you have contacted through your life. Draw the Lifeforce power they are radiating and feel these waves of ecstatic pleasure and comfort sink deep into your body, deep into your mind, deep into the place within where your Inner Self, the Dragon, gazes out upon this world. Then send forth your will on these waves of power to cause all to bow down before you – all obstacles, all problems, all people.

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