Dark Salvation
Vampiric Immortality

To live you must eat. To become immortal is to never stop Feeding.

This program is designed to enable you to understand the traditional path of the Temple for defeating death here and now and in any afterlife, real or imagined.

The application of this procedure is the heart and soul of what it means to be a Vampire, a follower of the Vampire religion. This program is designed to not only explain this practice but to guide you in its direct application. The primary intention of this program is to awaken within you a direct perception of the steps required to awaken in dreams of the night, dreams of any afterlife, and to awaken as an Undead God in this dream we call “waking life.”

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • Understanding the dark side of the NDE for survival.
  • How Lifeforce Vampirism directly enables waking in dreams.
  • Discovering how more wakefulness is the key to magic.
  • Making the act of Vampirism an automatic habit.
  • Bypassing the beliefs that lead to the Second Death.
  • Awakening as an Undead God in this world and any world.

An mp3 Audio Recorded Nightside Guided Training

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