Experiencing Astral Vampirism
Nightside Hunting

This program is intended to enable you to experience astral Vampirism, taking the excess Lifeforce from human beings while in an out of body condition.

To be clear this practice does no harm to the human targets you choose. The Lifeforce energy you take would otherwise simply be radiated into the atmosphere serving no purpose.

However for the Vampire absorbing this radiating energy serves many useful purposes to include the healing of your own body as well as others, and developing a greater sensitivity to the wider Nightside world that encompasses the Dayside commonly resulting in an increase in psychic powers. Another even more important purpose is to enable you to increase your capacity for taking, storing, and transmitting Lifeforce through your conscious intention. This, in turn, leads to more effective exchanges of Lifeforce with more advanced Vampires, the ones the Temple refers to as the Undead Gods.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • Teaching your body to sleep while your mind remains awake.
  • How to achieve increased wakefulness once out of the body.
  • How to control your movement while out of body.
  • How to find and draw in Lifeforce from sleeping humans.
  • Understanding how this is a natural and ethical practice.
  • What to expect when encountering those needing healing.
  • How to use this practice to evolve beyond the human state.

An mp3 Audio Recorded Nightside Guided Training

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