Experiencing Vampirism
The Gathering of Power

This guided training can allow you to develop the skill of taking the excess Lifeforce energy from other human bodies for their benefit as well as for your own development as a Vampire.

This recorded audio program is intended to be used not only as a conscious guide for going out into the field and practicing Lifeforce Vampirism, a safe and ethical action, but also can be used later when alone to review your experiences and increase your skills.

This program is critical for understanding the four steps of practicing Lifeforce Vampirism, the next step in human evolution.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • Learn the four natural steps of Lifeforce Vampirism.
  • Directly experience the flow of Lifeforce into your body.
  • Expand your ability to absorb more concentrated Power.
  • Validate the mutual benefits of Vampirism.
  • Experience the physical world from your astral body.
  • Have an in-the-field reminder as you practice these skills.
  • Later review to reconnect with your experiences of Vampirism.

An mp3 Audio Recorded Nightside Guided Training

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