Curses, Hexes, and Destruction Rituals

In this next program on Practical Magic we lift the veil of superstition, confusion, and lies that surrounds this subject and expose the underlying reality that is involved with curses, hexes and destruction rituals. And more than merely discussing these things, we explain to you exactly how to legally and ethically deal with unwanted people, events, and things in your life.

There are several problems involved in throwing a curse that can not only cause failure but also unwanted repercussions. These problems are described in detail so that you understand how to avoid them. The end result is to learn a form of Magic that bypasses these undesirable landmines and allows the troublesome person to end up cursing themselves ending your problem with them without you needing to directly focus your attention upon them at all.

This program also does not require relaxation and can be listened to whenever convenient. Repetition will better enable unconscious learning to take place.

An mp3 audio program – 37 minutes

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