Dissolving Unwanted Emotions

This program allows you to take the emotions that society uses to enslave you and specifically shows you how to instantly dissolve them as they arise.

The intent of this program is to enable you to take control of your emotional life, to be able to set aside emotions when they are not helping you and to remove emotional feelings when they are not wanted or useful.

This program also details the simple steps to then reprogram your emotional reactions in the future so that you no longer are plagued by feelings that do not serve you.

Most people have very strange beliefs about emotions. They assume that their emotions simply happen and cannot be questioned. They assume that their feelings are a totally reliable guide to follow in their lives. They are slaves to their feelings of the moment.

People do who blindly trust their feelings almost always are complaining about how terrible things are in their life, their relationships, their world. They are completely astounded at why other people do what they do. As a result they suffer through life.

Stop trusting your “natural” emotions the way that you were born with them.
This program offers a direct alternative to a world of mastery and joy.

41 minutes on mp3

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