Entering the Magical World

If you view reality from the normal, mortal perspective then your magical results will be hit or miss. Sometimes you will see results and sometimes you will fail, and you will usually have no clue as to why this is so.

However if you first enter into the Magical World, if you see reality from this different viewpoint, then you will not only bypass the blocks that come from doubting that magic can work for you, but you will also be operating from a perspective that ALLOWS you to see reality as something you CAN magically influence.

Magic, REAL magic, is all about how to produce changes in reality that you want but that seem to NOT be possible from the normal view of the world. The intent of this program is to enable you to perceive the world in this entirely different way so that you can magically influence it directly.

This stand-alone program explains how to make this shift in perception as well as offering three specific exercises to validate and master this perspective. It quite literally is designed to turn your perception of reality inside out, allowing you to enter the Magical World at will.

This program also does not require relaxation and can be listened to whenever convenient.

An mp3 audio program – 32 minutes

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