Playing Your Life in God Mode

In this program we will discuss exactly how to get the results you want as well as offering direct suggestions to your Inner Mind, the part of you that actually makes magic work.
This is what practical magic is all about – getting the results you want …and not something else.

The intent of this program is to make you aware of what to do and equally important what NOT to do to magically produce the results you want in life.

The actions that produce changes in reality operate just below conscious awareness, yet to make that happen, to have magic work for you, is a conscious choice.

You will be guided to make that choice and offered suggestions on how to make that choice a permanent habit so that it becomes as natural to you as breathing. Additionally you will be given direction on how to get past any mental resistance you might run into in applying these very direct procedures for producing results.

You will be asked to make two mental assumptions and take one mental action to activate this process. The rest follows naturally as a result.

Practical magic is just that – practical – producing real results in the real world and therefore changing your view of reality and yourself forever.

An mp3 audio program – 43 minutes

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