Power Projection
The Key to Instant Sorcery

Get Daily Results from Magic Immediately

You’ve seen it. You’ve done it. You already know that magic is real.
You’ve seen things happen that were too amazing to be “just coincidence”.

Now you want to bring this wild talent under your control.   You want to make it happen for you more often. Make it more reliable.  Make it more powerful.

That is exactly what this program offers.

What is Instant Sorcery?

Instant Sorcery is bringing magic out of the ritual closet and into your everyday life.
It is deciding several times a day exactly what you want to have happen and then getting those results.


It is the stripped down, streamlined essence of what really works to make magic an effective tool for getting the world to give you what you want.

Reliably.  Increasingly.  Moment by moment.

Can it work for you?


A part of you already knows how to do magic but you didn’t realize exactly how you have been blocking it.

It’s as if you are sitting in a high powered sports car with the engine roaring, ready to streak forward, but your foot is still on the brake.

This program will explain to you how to take your foot off that brake.

What is in this program?

  • Understand the Power Perspective that connects you with magic.
  • Pointing the Finger – The simple way to command what you want to happen.
  • Using failure to create success. Immediately.
  • Convincing your inner mind to make magic happen for you whenever you want it to.

Go beyond just “good luck”

Teach your inner mind, the part of your mind that works with direct experience, what it is you wish to be able to do, and to do it more often, better, and faster.

And do this without having to go on a retreat to a remote mountain monastery or live for years in the solitude of a cave. Skip the need for any of the props and paraphernalia of meditation or magical ceremony.

Instead you transform your everyday activities into training and education for performing real magic here and now.

You change your ordinary life into a living academy of practical magic, getting results you can verify immediately.

Seize your Heritage

Get all the benefits that come from becoming aware of who you really are and the results that accepting that power brings into your life.

Release your inner power and discover, step by step, that you can do real magic here and now better, faster and more reliably.

Power Projection – The Key to Instant Sorcery
An mp3 audio program – 40 minutes

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