Streamlining Your Magic

If you find that when you want something to happen it is slow to happen, fails to happen, or even the opposite result occurs, then this program is for you. And if you find that the effort to do magic seems cumbersome, overly time-consuming, or somehow just doesn’t feel “natural” that is also what this streamlined approach is intended to change for you.

This program will explain to you exactly how to skip over all the dead ends and wrong turns you might otherwise have been experiencing in applying magic in your life. The overall intent is to explain exactly how and why your goals in magic are commonly misunderstood by the part of your mind that directly changes reality.

However this streamlined approach is not only involved in instructing you consciously, but is designed to help reprogram your inner magical mind directly. This program is focused on streamlining the entire process of magic for you. Instead of having to work out every detail first, we will simplify the process.

By focusing on only one usually overlooked primary goal you will then tend to automatically find that changes you desire just happen on their own, often even before you have identified them consciously. Also this program will assist you in how to best handle changes that are required in emergency situations where results are needed more rapidly.

Streamlining Practical Magic does just that.

It simplifies the process and slips by the common blocks to success.

An mp3 audio program – 41 minutes

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