Time Tunnels

Penetrating the Iron Wall of the Future

If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now!

Haven’t you said this when thinking about the past?

What if there was a way to do that with your current problems, your current situation?

What if you could take the wisdom of your future and use it right now?

There is.

Time Tunnels

Time Tunnels are a means to visit your better future.

There is a future you will enter after your present problems are solved.

What if you could visit that future right now?

It Works for Skeptics

From a skeptical Dayside perspective this allows you to break free of the stress and tensions of the present problem.

It lets you enjoy the relief you will feel when your problem is gone – but you get to feel that way now.

And that feeling of relief is often all that is needed to stimulate new ideas and answers that work.

Practical Magic

This new audio program is a perfect example of practical magic.

From a magical Nightside perspective Time Tunnels allow you to directly employ the Fifth and Sixth Laws of Magic (as explained in The Vampire Sorcery Bible).

The flow of Lifeforce that is released by visiting your problem-free future naturally Fills the Form of that future often resulting in problems that simply solve themselves.

Believe Nothing

Like all Temple offerings no faith or belief is required for Time Tunnels to work.

Just one session may be all that is needed to resolve any single current problem, but this method can be repeated easily on your own once you learn how to do it.


37 minute audio program on mp3.

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