Mastering The Eighth Law Of Magic
Dreaming and Gathering

The Eighth Law of Magic deepens our control of the dimension of Awareness by entering an ancient dream state we call the Gathering. This program is designed to enable you to enter this dream state, leave the physical body, and meet with other dreamers. Traditionally this has been called the Witches Sabbat or the Wild Hunt and is an ecstatic experience of transcendence and power. By awakening in this special shared dream, the magician can discover a world more real than the normal waking world.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • How to cause your body to sleep while remaining awake.
  • Learn how to judge and verify what is real.
  • Discover the steps required to follow to reach a Gathering.
  • Recognize what to do when you arrive at the Gathering.
  • Understand how to return to your physical body.
  • Realize how to remain connected to the Gathering experience.

A Recorded Audio Nightside Guided Training

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