Mastering The Fourth Law Of Magic
Naming and Commanding

The Fourth Law of Magic deals with the dimension of Control, the ability to directly affect reality through intention. This program is designed to both explain and install the secret perspective of the true magician. By recovering the lost art of Naming, the Fourth Law injects conscious awareness into inanimate objects. By awakening awareness in the targeted object, the magician can then Command what it is to do.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • Why Naming something creates a responsive awareness.
  • How to awaken yourself to an ocean of living awareness.
  • Discover this deeper, older, and more natural perspective.
  • Recognize how to Command responses from what you awaken.
  • Learn how dreams at night instruct you to control the day.
  • Understand how the magician becomes the master of reality.

A Recorded Audio Nightside Guided Training

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