Mastering The Ninth Law Of Magic
Dreaming and Forgetting

The Ninth Law of Magic is the Law that Rules all other Laws and completes the application of the dimension of Awareness. This program is designed to enable you to access at will your forgotten years of magical experience. This program is also intended to enable your direct use of these skills in the waking world of everyday life. By awakening to a new view of reality the boundaries between dreams of the night and dreams of the day can blur and drop.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • How to tap into your forgotten magical skills.
  • Create a deep shift in your conscious experience of reality.
  • Discover the lost years of your magical experience.
  • Integrate all 9 Laws into one overall perspective.
  • Understand how to dissolve the barrier between the worlds.
  • Realize how the capstone of this science can be applied daily.

A Recorded Nightside Guided Training

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