Mastering The Second Law Of Magic
Deceive and Leverage

Building upon the bedrock of the First Law, the Second Law expands your understanding of how to leverage the perceptions and expectations of others to alter the structure of future events. The Second Law is only understood with an in-depth examination of how others perceive your efforts at magic as well as how you perceive reality as it is for yourself. With the Second Law we are not particularly concerned with mere truth but in solid results. If what we do is useful by creating the changes we desire then that is what real magic is all about: making our dreams come true. This program not only discusses and clarifies these ideas but works to embed these perceptions in the inner mind for direct mastery.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • Why all true learning first depends upon self-deception.
  • How positive expectations can open the future to change.
  • Discover the secret of changing the past effectively.
  • Recognize how to slip the chains that enslave the masses.
  • Learn the power of strong versus weak predictions.
  • Break free of “truth” long enough to create magical results.

A Recorded Audio Nightside Guided Training

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