Mastering The Sixth Law Of Magic
Forming and Filling

The Sixth Law of Magic completes the dimension of Control, the ability to directly affect reality through intention. This program is designed to both explain and imprint the skill of Forming the shape of the future you desire and then Filling that Form with the creating power of Lifeforce. By connecting this action to the natural acts of breathing and dreaming this program seeks to make the act of magic simple and automatic.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • How to unite your inner and outer minds.
  • Learn how to walk in the crack between the worlds.
  • Discover the correct use of magical words.
  • Recognize the Pattern of Force that Fills your desire.
  • Engage your dreams to make your dreams come true.
  • Realize how to see with the Eye of the Dragon.

A Recorded Nightside Guided Training

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