Mastering The Third Law Of Magic
Rename and Reframe

Building upon the first two laws, the Third Law drills deeper into how to guide and direct the perceptions and expectations of yourself and others to create the future you desire. The Third Law completes the method for controlling the dimension of Agreement to bend reality to the magician’s will. In this program we reveal how changing a name and changing the frame of meaning of anything alters the shape of the future events that result. With the Third Law we are not particularly concerned with mere truth but in solid results. If what we do is useful by creating the changes we desire then that is what real magic is all about: making our dreams come true. This program not only discusses and clarifies these principles behind the Third Law but works to embed these understandings in the inner mind for direct mastery.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • Why changing the name of something changes its future.
  • How this explains an ancient belief in the use of magical words.
  • Discover the power of changing any context for magic.
  • Recognize how to gain the trust and support of other people.
  • Learn how to say the right things at the right time effortlessly.
  • Attain an automatic ability to employ this Law at will.

A Recorded Audio Nightside Guided Training

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