The Magician’s Choice
The Path of Power

What is The Magician’s Choice?

It is an amazing and different perspective that can change everything for you. It can change everything you experience. It can totally change your life. There is one grand illusion and if you see through it then everything changes for you. One supreme illusion that enslaves the world but once revealed frees you in every way. One ultimate trap of the mind that ensnares the rest of the world but when you understand it will set you free.

What Is A Magician?

You know that a stage magician creates an illusion, a trick that suddenly surprises his audience. But the kind of Magician we are discussing here must do something far more powerful and amazing. He needs to dispel an illusion that he himself thought was true. When you can do this you will be capable of making things happen you previously thought were impossible.

One Supreme Trick

So the true Magician only knows one trick. But this trick, this magic spell, allows you to drop all the illusions that bind you. It works every time and it works because the illusions that block you are just that – only illusions. That one trick, that one magic spell, is the Magician’s Choice.

Make The Magician’s Choice Your Choice

Seize your Heritage.
Control your world.

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