Vampire Magical “Judo”
Control Your World

Break Free

Tired of being surrounded by obnoxious or irritating people? Looking for a simpler, more effective way to deal with life’s problems?

From War to Winning

This program offers a proven strategy from the battlefields of war for defeating your enemies. Control and defeat those people and things that oppose you.

Not What You Think

This is not about throwing people around on a judo mat! This is taking the underlying principles of ancient warrior arts of Asia and using them to control other people…
…Without personal risk.
…Without requiring effort.

Dayside and Nightside Applications

Learn how to apply this elegant strategy to issues of emergency survival as well as financial security. Discover how this simple two-step application can allow you to use Vampirism to immediately neutralize irritating, annoying, and troublesome people.

Control Your World

Immediately produce a momentary trance state to stop someone in their tracks. Then apply a command they feel compelled to obey …without them realizing what you are doing.

An mp3 audio program – 29 minutes

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