Your Magic Mirror
Rule Your World – A Twilight Guide to Magical Power

Dare To Look Into The Magic Mirror

Discover how to directly apply Twilight Magic through the use of the Magic Mirror. The Twilight is the highest of three states of consciousness for the Vampire. Twilight Magic remains the most powerful form of Magic the Temple offers.

Make It Easy

“Everything’s easy once you know how to do it.” – Ray Charles

Understand how to enter the Twilight to see your Magic Mirror immediately before you. This is not a fantasy or imaginary image. It is like stepping into the virtual world of the Matrix.

The Three Worlds of the Vampire

There are three ways to see and change reality in the Temple. The everyday Dayside, the psychic Nightside, and the magical Twilight. Being able to enter each one unlocks new possibilities and powers to control your world. This audio workshop explains in detail each of these world views and how they affect each other.

Walk In The Twilight World

What is impossible in one is possible in another. The Twilight is the most powerful of all three. Your Magic Mirror is the navigation tool to control it. This program explains how to find it and use it effectively.

An mp3 audio program – 34 minutes

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