The Nightside Connection

When you obtain an authorized copy of Temple literature from us you are receiving more than just a book with instructions. You are receiving more than a reliable and accurate copy that has not been tampered with or altered.

You are also establishing an esoteric Nightside Connection which can permit those instructions to work for you.

How is this possible? Why should just receiving a book from the Temple create such a Nightside Connection? Isn’t a book just words, just information?

From a purely Dayside perspective this is true. From the ordinary, common sense world view of the Dayside information is just information and a book is just a collection of words.

However from the Nightside this is not true at all.

Lifeforce is Mindstuff

The Nightside is entirely involved with what we in the Temple refer to as Lifeforce. Lifeforce is mindstuff. Lifeforce is the container that “holds” the universe of your experiences and Lifeforce is also the “carrier wave” that can transmit your intentions to affect your reality.

So from the Nightside perspective what you think and know and feel about anything has a profound effect upon you.

When you receive an authorized copy of Temple literature from us you are offering a small sacrifice of money for our Nightside esoteric instructions. When you apply these instructions, you also know deep down inside that you have been truthful and honest with the Temple.

You Can’t Fool Yourself

It is pointless to try and use the Temple’s Nightside instructions without following the basic requirement of making the small gesture of obtaining those instructions directly from the Temple.

Again from the Dayside perspective this is all nonsense. A book is just a book. However if you wish to pursue and succeed in the Nightside of the Temple you must first achieve and then maintain this all important Nightside Connection.

You can’t fool yourself.

A word to the wise.