Mastering The First Law Of Magic
Reality is Democratic

Making your wishes come true is what real magic is all about. The Temple defines magic as a mental technology intended to produce desired results in reality, results that are just as real as anything else you can experience. The Temple does not view magic as an art but as a science. This science of magic begins with understanding and using the First Law of Magic, a tool intended to produce desired change in your world. The First Law is designed to directly free you from the misconceptions and illusions that may have previously blocked the use of real magic in your life. This audio workshop offers you instruction and direct guidance in understanding and applying the First Law. Additionally this program is designed to directly access and impress your inner mind, the source of real magic, to accelerate your mastery.

Goals of this audio training recording include:

  • Reprogramming your inner mind to produce magical results.
  • Generating more magical events in your presence.
  • Overcoming the influence of the disbeliefs of others.
  • Understand what the true magical perspective actually is.
  • Why the First Law of Magic is the bedrock for mastering magic.
  • Discover how others block magic and how you can avoid this.
  • Learn the real reason for the tradition of secrecy in magic.
  • Experience what it is to have your dreams come true.

A Recorded Audio Nightside Guided Training

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